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Main Office - Greensboro, NC
Contact: Susie Reed
(336) 339-6314

Contact: Esther Murray
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Winston-Salem, NC
Contact: Leigh Tuttle
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Mcleansville, NC
Contact: Dee Newman
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Summerfield, NC
Contact: Susan Hendricks
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Danville, VA
Contact: Lesa Shelton
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Our travel agents can assist you with planning a vaction from anywhere in the US to anywhere in the world

Susie Reed, Greensboro NC

What are you looking for in a vacation?  That's one of the first and most important questions we ask.  Susie has been customizing and planning dream vacations since 1999.  She continues to research destinations and resorts to make sure your vacation is all that you dreamed and more.  When it comes to a cruise vacation, she will be sure that the ship you book will be perfect for you and your specific requirements.  Our jobs do not end when a client books a trip.  We make sure you are prepared for your trip (i.e., have the proper travel documents, visas, etc).  We are here to answer any questions you may have before, during or after your trip.  We know it is very easy to book your trip online these days, but when you book your trip with us, you will know that you will get the best possible rate and you can rest assured that we will be here to assist you in case you encounter any problems. 

Leigh Tuttle - Winston-Salem NC

Leigh has been with Ticket to Paradise since 2006.  She is an experienced diver and can help you plan the perfect dive trip for a couple or a group of friends.  She also has extensive experience planning honeymoons, reunion groups, all-inclusive resort trips as well as cruises.  She will match you to the right cruise line, the right ship, the right ship board accommodations and the best itinerary for you.  Leigh is very detail-oriented and she will make sure your vacation goes smoothly – from beginning to end.

Susan Hendricks - Summerfield NC

Susan specializes in corporate and group travel.  She has over 18 years of experience working with large companies where she handled all of their corporate travel needs.  She really likes to get to know her clients and strives to make sure that they become more than just clients but life long travel partners. Susan likes to explore new and exciting destinations in order to gain the knowledge she needs to better serve her clients.  Susan specializes in all-inclusive resorts throughout the Caribbean and Mexico.

Lesa Shelton - Danville VA

Lesa is a very personable and experienced cruiser and traveler who is anxious to assist you in finding the perfect cruise, resort stay or land tour at a great rate.  Whether you're planning a romantic trip for two, a family vacation or reunion cruise, a "just-the-girls" cruise or a corporate / group/meeting, let Lesa assist you with her expertise.  She also specializes in trips “closer to home” like Las Vegas and New York.  She can book great Broadway show tickets, boutique hotels and fun tours.

Dee Newman

Dee Newman
With a family of six ranging from kindergarten to high school, Dee has learned to plan vacations that the whole family will enjoy. For her family, Disney vacations have been perfect! They’ve been to Disney World and on Disney Cruises that the entire family enjoyed. She’ll help you find a Disney Cruise with activities for every age-group, from the ‘controlled chaos’ perfect for teens and tweens to the kids clubs for the younger ones. Not to mention a wonderful retreat where Mom and Dad get a chance to sit back and enjoy each other’s company. If you are looking for a family getaway in Disney vacations, Dee will make your dreams come true.

Esther Murray

Esther Murray
Esther is an avid cruiser because she loves the idea of having lodging, meals and entertainment in one place for one great price.  Cruising is a great value and you get to visit several ports of call while your “hotel room” travels with you.   Esther specializes in  clients with disabilities and special needs.  She can help arrange special transportation and accommodations, whether you are on a ship or at a resort.  If anyone in your party has special dietary concerns, she makes sure that your needs will be met.  Esther plans every vacation from start to finish as if it were her own personal trip.  She will make sure you have everything you need to have a perfect trip.  And expect a call from her when you return.  She loves to receive feedback and wants to be sure you had a wonderful trip.

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